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“Connection Camp”, A Summer Sleepaway Camp—for Adults

June 8-11th, Weekend Event for Adults to Connect, Play, and Explore Self-Expression

NEW YORK, April 20, 2017

This June 8-11th, The Connection Movement will host a sleepaway camp, not for kids, but for grownups—inviting participants to put away their phones and enjoy deeper connection with themselves, each other, nature, and their sense of play.

Designed to be much more than a typical rustic retreat or weekend getaway, the four-day, three-night sleepaway Connection Camp is offered through The Connection Movement—an initiative that hosts social-awareness projects and experiences designed to bring back real connection and authentic relating into our increasingly digitized social space.

The Connection Movement is known for hosting last year’s first Connection Camp as well as October 2015 and 2016 “World’s Largest Eye Contact Experiment”, at which more than 5,000 New Yorkers, strangers to each other before the event, connected in one-minute of silent eye contact.

Connection Camp is designed as an immersive community experience: workshops, play activities, evening dance parties, talent shows, campfire gatherings, and on-site pampering and wellness sessions will all focus on challenging our habitual ways of connecting with people. As camp founder Amy Silverman (also founder of The Connection Movement) describes, her “passion and mission are to create opportunities for deep, meaningful contact through structured activities that stretch people’s sense of authenticity in relating with others.”

“The Camp is for people to step outside the typical restrictions of day-to-day life to experience greater authenticity, creativity, and freedom to play—things we sorely need in our fast-paced, achievement-oriented world,” adds Silverman. “It’s a radical opportunity for participants to get curious, playful, real, and plugged-into a vibrant sense of community.”

The Camp will be held in Sussex, NJ from June 8-11, 2017, at Camp Louemma and is expected to draw attendees from New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Washington DC, Massachusetts, and the greater Northeast.


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About The Connection Movement

Based in New York City, The Connection ovement is an international initiative directed by founder Amy Silverman.  The Connection Movement’s mission is to foster deeper connection and richer communication in our daily lives. The New York Connection Movement community meets 6–8 times monthly for social experiments, workshops, gatherings, Circling (a relational meditation practice), and Connection Labs (structured activities designed to flex and engage empathy, playfulness, listening, self-expression, and vulnerability). The principles and tools used are inspired by NonViolent Communication, Circling Europe, The Circling Institute, Authentic World, Ken Wilber's Integral Practices, and Creative Drama. In 2016, The Connection Movement expanded to South Africa and South Florida, where Silverman launched new relational communities in Johannesburg, Cape Town, and Miami.

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About Amy Silverman

Amy Silverman is the creator and director of the NY-based community The Connectio Movement. She specializes in building communities and enriching interpersonal communication through creative social exercises and learning approaches.  For more information, visit