Here are the healer offerings for Connection Camp 2019!

Healing Pavillion

Connection Camp’s Healers will provide an oasis for self-care within your larger camp experience. We curate offerings by on-site health and wellness professionals to provide complimentary mini-consultations and allow you to explore new modalities for supporting your wellbeing. Many practitioners will also be providing full services on site, if you wish to book a session during your stay at an additional cost.

Please note that schedules and rates for full service sessions, both on-site and for future appointments, are determined by the individual practitioners.




Healing Sound Bath with Inner Truth Pathfinder Coaching

An immersion in beneficial sounds! Healing transmissions through singing bowls, crystal bowls, tuning forks, flute, percussion instruments and voice. Guidance on using your own voice for healing.

H-Tsadik_Galit-Creating Your Shark Spirit Schematic.jpg

Creating Your Shark Spirit Schematic with Financial Sharktress

Discover how to seize your financial opportunities fearlessly with shark-like swiftness, sleekness & elegance like Galit so that you can live your dreams starting today!


Desire Ignited With Hailey Marino

Desire is the most powerful & unrelenting force on this planet. Yet women are taught clamp down our desire, make it smaller, that it is too much. In this simple verbal exercise, your desire gets free.

Jean at Breakin Boundaries.jpg

Reiki Healing and Energy Activation With Reiki Essence Healing Arts

Relax and replenish your energy with Reiki master teacher Jean Bromage. Get clear on the energy you want to activate and embody at this time to best support your healing and growth. She will help you choose a Reiki Essence chakra votive candle and affirmation to continue working with this energy.

Playful Stress Relief Session Testing 1 2 3 with Spark of Play

Engage in a fun, 1:1, totally embodied form of play using sound, movement, gesture and dramatic imagery that will uplift your spirits. This is a short form session using drama therapy.


Thai Massage With Tararific Touch

The ancient art of Thai Yoga Massage blends yoga asana, with healing touch and the spiritual practice of "metta" or loving kindness. Pressure, stretches, rhythm and the breath connect the giver and receiver with the universe and allow for deep whole body healing.


Hatha yoga with evan brockett

A breath, alignment, and sensation-focused Hatha practice to help tune and balance mind and body. A slow-moving sequence of bright energetic shapes.


Lemurian Light Energy Nourishment with Hillis Pugh

This customized session will assist your Soul’s journey. I work with Lemurian Energy and use crystals, Shamanic tools, guides, soul families, your soul, and masters.


Sound Meditation With Sacred Sound Meditation

During the session Tibetan Bowls will be placed on the body and vibrations will be felt as the bowls are being played.


Transformational Breathwork with Humble Healer

Session includes discussion about what needs to clear or shift in their life and body. Followed by breathwork to clear blocked emotional energy in the body with an intuitive reading at close of session.

H-devin-gleeson-Let's Get Dark.jpg

Let's Get Dark! (Shadow Coaching) with Devin Gleeson Coaching

I LOVE playing with people's darkness. So much power, truth, clarity, and magic hides in our odd, dark corners. Let's connect and see what wild, inky beauty emerges when you relax your sweetness, remove your politeness, and bring forth what is hidden.


Experience deep empathy with HKM Coaching and Consulting

Experience feeling deeply seen and "gotten" about something going on in your life. Suggestion to come with a topic you'd like to focus on, or choose to focus on an overarching theme that's up for you.


Conflicts as gifts with Nikolai Chapochnikov

Every conflict or tension that manifests externally in our lives are gifts to recognize our inner conflicts and inaccurate beliefs. In this session we will explore in depth - bringing into awareness our body, our emotions, our mind, and our will – what some of our limiting beliefs might be, their origin, and the steps we can take towards increased inner and outer harmony.

200_healer pic_4325.jpg

a journey to joy with healing by soul

Founder of Healing by Soul, Unity Rev. Debra Soul feels and reads her clients energy field which enables her to clear the issues of their tissues, clear and balance chakras and all that is blocking from this lifetime and past lifetimes. This holistic healing can help all to find their blueprint, step into their power and true joy. I will also give different holistic ways to get into your joy.


Dating Discovery with Campfire

Have your dating questions big and small answered by professional dating coach Alex Sommer! Not sure where to start when it comes to dating? Keep attracting the wrong people? Wish it were easier to communicate your wants and desires? Not sure how to respond to that text? This session will give you actionable steps to move forward in creating the dating life and relationship of your dreams!

H-Myers_Carlee - Stress Less Clarity Session.jpg

Stress Less Clarity Session with Stress Less Co.

If you're stressed and don't know what to do about it, this session is meant for you. Work with Stress Management Mentor, Carlee Myers, to determine exactly what you need to do to relieve stress and find more joy in your life and work. We'll discuss where you're at, where you've been, your top challenges, and make an action plan for more joy in your life.

galit and shane.png

Fuck Your Fears Session with Enchanted Embodiment

You'll step into the truth and push your edge in a small way that will have a big impact on you. Each session is based on the energy of how you show up. You will be called into presence. The result? More empowered joy and self confidence.

Bell_Elana_Sacred Sound journey.jpeg

Sound Journey/Sound Healing with Elana Bell: Sacred Creative

A sacred sound journey is a guided exploration deep into the self. Using tuning forks, the Monolina, and my voice, I guide you into a deep state of relaxation where you can tune in to your own healing frequency and connect to your essential core. There will be time for journaling as well.


Reiki Healing with loury azucena

I speak with the person to see what they want to work on and then perform reiki on them either sitting down on a chair or laying down on a massage table if there are any available. I ask them what they feel connected to in life and work with that.



Join Lauren Malloy in putting attention on the connection to yourself, as it relates to relationships, sexual expression and purpose. A blend of coaching and spiritual process for transforming inhibiting memories and limiting beliefs (PSYCH-K®).


Laetitia Kavanaght

With the use of Therapeutic Hypnotism, Breathwork, Guided Imagery, and Sound, my intention is to help you reach your personal definition of pure relaxation, flexibility, and inspiration.

Heart Journeys Healing Sessions with Aleya Aleyajourneys@gmail.com 917-686-4904.png

Heart of the Matter: A Drum Journey into the Space of Love with Aleya Journeys

Today I offer you a Kuntur Drum Journey. Together, we enter the healing frequencies of love with assistance of the Condor. We unite in heart to clear, transform and alchemize any trauma held in the bodies. We then expand our heart center which creates a life of ease, grace, beauty and creation of your version of heaven on earth. Listen to the wisdom in the beat of your heart. In loving service.

237_rachel_santos-logo_621 (1).png

Aqua flow with rachel santos

Aqua Flow is an immersive, aquatic meditation. You are invited into a passive and receptive state. You can let go, knowing you’re completely supported and held. Aqua Flow technique is inspired by Janzu — a combination of martial arts, breath work, aquatic movement, and rebirth therapy. All you have to do is receive.

H-maxwell_matt-Life Purpose In A Word.jpg

Your Life Purpose in A Word with Hearthstone Coaching & Consulting

Do you know what your purpose in life is? Some see their purpose as divinely determined; for others it is simply a choice. Either way, in this session we will look at what your life is about and the impact you yearn to make. We will then distill these into a single word or phrase that becomes a personal compass, directing you moment-by-moment and in the big choices of your life.


Sphere of multi-faced emotions with Sita Chay

Journey from focusing on a primary emotion to discovering layers of emotions that support and embellish the primary emotion. We will practice flow between 3 stages of feeling, emotion and affect through music listening and meditation.

Musicalize Now.jpg

Solo Meetings! with Musicalize Now

Work towards self-actualization through a blend of unlicensed therapy, life coaching, and creative doing. As self-actualized people, we can make our greatest contributions to society, inviting happiness into our lives while also moving humanity towards world harmony. These meetings consist of three parts: Sharing Stories, Roses/Thorns, and Value Congruence.