2019 dream team


Amy Silverman

Founder & Camp Director

Amy is committed to bringing people together through play, connection, self-expression and creativity. Her passion for igniting human connection led her to build and facilitate The Connection Movement, a community that comes together and dives into self-discovery, transformation and deep, earnest connection through events, workshops, coaching programs, social experiments and retreats. She has initiated the launch of sister communities to the Connection Movement in Miami, Johannesburg, Cape Town, and Charleston. 

Learn more about her in this video.


zettie shapey

assistant director

Zettie is a human from Oak Park, Illinois, and a current resident of Brooklyn, where she lives with 18 people, babysits a 3-year-old, organizes Jews to defund ICE, and eats cookie dough. In the last five years, she has taught wilderness skills in Yosemite, history in a 5th grade classroom, kindness to preschoolers, and deep listening and emotional support to adults. Zettie is a lover of community, song, play, making things, learning, collective liberation, earth, and humanness, and is thrilled to be part of Connection Camp.


cari gelber

director of partnerships

With other 13 years of sales experience, Cari specializes in Event Sales and Marketing Consulting. She works with clients in the Hospitality industry; restaurants and bars, film festivals, Summer Camps, and children’s events. She loves to come up with creative ways to fill venues, sell more tickets, and out-of-the-box ways to find new business.


kristi parson

PRE-production manager

Kristi discovered Connection Camp in 2018 after moving to NY from the West Coast and found her community through the campers she met there. She wears many hats in her daily life and is helping the with production of camp this year.


alex sommer

Social media strategist

Alex Sommer helps single men and women who are frustrated with dating create passionate, loving, communicative relationships. He’ll show you how to make dating exciting, relaxing and fun, while helping you to achieve your individual dating and relationship goals!


gilaad amir

venue & resources manager

Gil has been building communities and running events for over a decade across several cities, in both a corporate setting and in various personal and non-profit organizations. He aims to connect the right people with one another, solve the problem of loneliness, and inspire people to support themselves and each other through powerful social networks.


Nate jones

music & on-site tech director

Nate is a professional musician and freelance artist and entrepreneur living in Warwick, Rhode Island. He spreads a message of love and positivity through music and conscious mindful living.  He believes there is no limit to what we can achieve when we work together in harmony; that’s exactly what music is.


Rachel clarK

nightlife space designer

Rachel is a body intelligence explorer, connector, and creative. Originally from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Rachel believes that human connection is activism, activism that is actively planting seeds towards a more fulfilling, vulnerable, permission giving, and expansive (inwards and outwards) culture.


erin mcintosh

production & marketing team

Hey Everyone, I'm super duper excited to be returning to Connection Camp this summer!!! I am stoked to meet & connect with amazing new humans, laugh, teach, laugh, play, laugh, dance, likely cry, run around barefoot, dominate in color wars YASSSSSSS & be present with all of you! I'm bringing my wild enthusiasm & zest for life & my excitement for camp to have the best experience ever!


alison bulman

Circling facilitator

Alison Bulman is a Manhattan-based psychotherapist and founder of IntimaCities. Harnessing collective group wisdom (Gestalt, psychodrama, meditation and CBT-influences), Alison empowers participants and couples she coaches privately, to see and clear their unconscious individual intimacy blocks and aggressions.


Sophie eleanor kruip

on-site event manager

Sophie has been coordinating health and wellness events and theatre productions for 10 years, and desires the full depth and magic of human interaction as often as possible. She is currently learning about living in intentional community and exploring self in relationship.


roniesha godfrey

social media manager

Roniesia has 6 years of experience in Event Marketing and Production. Roniesia helps companies and brands build buzz and reach their target audience through story-telling and unique brand experiences. 
Instagram: @lifestyleandeventsbyroni


marcy clark

public relations

Marcy Clark is Co-Founder of VitaminR, a Wellbeing and Creative Expression Consultancy. She’s a seasoned Self-Expression & Public Speaking Coach, a PR and Brand Strategy consultant for over a dozen years, and the creator of the ‘Vocal Clearings & Empowered Declarations’ workshop. Her work is grounded in the principles of storytelling, creativity, and “the body as instrument.”

Alexandra_Bayeva- Headshot.jpg

alexandra bayeva

arrival support

Alexandra Bayeva is a professional dancer and choreographer with a background in ballet, modern, and contact improvisation who believes that movement can be a powerful tool of transformation. She helps lead events that help people to connect to their creative selves and each other through dance and movement. She experiments with bringing the experience of dance improv to the stage.

Vincenzo_Minino headshot.JPG

vincenzo minino

circling co-facilitator

A certified Circling facilitator through Circling Europe, Vincenzo currently leads weekly Circling at Soho's NeuroLeadership Institute. He's committed to teaching mindfulness for family, personal, and professional conflict-resolution, especially interested in supporting men to reconcile society's rigid definition of masculinity and vulnerability.


crystl murray-mills

on-site licensed mental health counselor

Crystl offers in-depth services in several areas of personal development and therapeutic interventions, with over a decade of experience in mental health and family law. Crystl specializes in maternal mental health, early intervention, relationship-based therapies, parenting, and issues arising from adoption.


laetitia kavanaght

camp nurse

Laetitia Kavanaght is a Registered Professional Nurse of 10 years with experience in Oncology and Critical Care settings. She currently works in Hospice facilitating smooth transitions for patients and their families at the End of Life.

Eleonora Lupyan-headshot.jpg

eleanora aleya lupyan

Teacher and healer manager

Eleonora Aleya Lupyan, MA is a Belarusian born Medicine Woman with a Masters in Clinical Psychology, Mind/Body Medicine & Spirituality Studies from Columbia University. Aleya weaves a space of love bridging ancestral knowing with modern science.

20181104-me unedited.jpg

axios papaflessas

marketing lead

Axios is a soul-driven creative here to inspire worthiness in all and share the joy of life through authenticity, love, and the improvisational arts.


eric shaughnessy

lead photographer

Eric has spent the last 7 years shooting all different kinds of photography– wedding, corporate, editorial, fashion and commerce, and more. His work has been featured on Good Morning America, GQ, Maxim, Forbes, Bloomberg, The Chicago Tribune, and others. See more of his work here.


loury azucena

community support team

Loury is a Reiki Practitioner from New York, working as a Community Health Coordinator/Care Coordinator. She is passionate about helping others and desires to make deeper connection with people.

Emily Shaughnessy headshot copy.jpg

Emily Shaughnessy

camp big sister

Emily is a writer, Professional Cuddler, and workshop facilitator from Austin, Texas. She is trained in several healing and relational modalities, including Authentic Relating, Nonviolent Communication, professional listening and improvisational theatre. She holds degrees in English and journalism and has worked as a reporter, blogger, communications coordinator, improv teacher and children’s performer.


mary Catanzaro

color olympics director

Mary Catanzaro is the brainchild of POGO Events, an interactive event management company specializing in team building activities.  Mary loves "fun" and especially enjoys board games, entertaining, cooking and running.  She is looking forward to her second year at Connection Camp and organizing Color Olympics so people can express their love of competition!


JJ Kovacevich

2016 Camp Co-Founder

JJ Kovacevich has over a decade of professional experience in the performing arts and in the health and wellness industry (the latter, as a yoga instructor and mindful personal trainer). Kovacevich also has extensive experience in the nonprofit sector, in arts management, and small businesses, as a production coordinator and administrator.

A Very Special Thanks to…

Asha schoessow - camp enrollment coordinator

alex stokes - enrollment support

wolf bukiet - logistics director

michael galipeau - development director

ershad zamani - video lead

michelle loni lapidos - self expression and spirit director

david matos - videographer

evan brockett - photographer

alec hutson - graphic designer

miles bukier - circling facilitator

stanley tso - tech support

melanie warner - admin team