Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Connection Camp? 

    Let’s start off with what Connection Camp isn’t. It isn’t a networking event. And it isn’t simply a rustic-getaway, either. What it is is an opportunity to dive into Connection in all its forms – Connection with Self, Connection with Other, Connection with Nature, Connection through Play, Connection through Collaboration. Through a variety of conscientiously-curated participatory workshops, individually-focused guided practices, playful camp-style activities, evening dance parties and campfire gatherings, and on-site health and wellness providers, Connection Camp is more than a weekend getaway, a retreat, or a chance to meet new people. It’s a radical opportunity to get curious, get playful, get real, and get plugged into a vibrant sense of community.

  • What kind of programming is offered at Connection Camp?

    Each day at camp boasts a plentiful selection of workshops to encourage deep, authentic interaction with others through a creative, playful approach. Throughout the camp experience, you’ll get to choose from over 30 highly interactive offerings, including Circling (relational meditation), authentic relating games, partner yoga, the lost art of letter writing, collaborative dance and music practices, and more.

  • What are morning practices?

    Each morning before the day’s schedule gets into full swing, take advantage of guided individual practices to get you centered and grounded in your own experience before diving in with others. Meditation, yoga, and more will be offered.

  • What are evenings like at Connection Camp?

    A DJ’d lakeside dance party? Check. Bonfire gathering complete with s’mores? But of course. Old school summer camp talent show? We wouldn’t miss that for the world. Evenings at Connection Camp give you an opportunity to celebrate with your campmates in a more casual, let-your-hair-down sorta way.

  • Am I required to participate in anything?

    You know what we loved from our childhood almost as much as summer camp? Those choose your own adventure books. Remember those? Well, think of Connection Camp the same way. Once you’re here, the only thing you have to do is enjoy your experience as best suits you. If that means lounging by the lake for fourteen straight hours, by all means, you are welcome! But we have a sneaking suspicion that you’re joining us for more than the standard issue weekend R&R, so take advantage of all the inspiring, exploratory experiences at your fingertips!

  • Where is Connection Camp held? 

    Connection Camp will be held at beautiful Camp Louemma, conveniently located under two hours from New York City in Sussex, NJ. The camp overlooks is nestled in picture-perfect scenery overlooking a private lake. The grounds offer hiking trails, sporting equipment and facilities, and lake access for swimming, canoeing, and kayaking for your enjoyment.

  • Can I come alone?

    You bet you can! In fact, Connection Camp is primed for you to make new friends! Our foremost intention is to create a space that fosters a deep sense of community, openness, and play. Buddy up with your bunkmates, dive deep into shared experiences in workshops, enjoy a heart-to-heart overlooking the lake… Connection Camp is designed to offer virtually endless opportunities to plug into being human - together!

  • Are there any age limits on Connection Camp? What's the average age of Connection Camp attendees? 

    Connection Camp is open to kids-at-heart aged 18 to 108, and we hope to have campers spanning that full range! (We love minors, but hey, they have their own camps already!)

    Campers in 2016-18 ranged in age from their mid-twenties to their late-fifties. As one camper put it:

    "As one of the older participants (likely the oldest), I want to add that I appreciated being welcomed so warmly. I expected the group to be much younger than me, and was comfortable with that, but I was happy to see other 40~50-somethings there."

  • How many campers will there by at Connection Camp?

    We are excitedly anticipating 90 to 140 campers for Connection Camp 2019! Get ready to meet friends you didn’t know you had…

  • When does Connection Camp start?

    Connection Camp 2019 begins on Thursday, June 13th and check-in begins at 10 am. Camp kicks-off with lunch so arrive early to get settled.

  • Is there late entry available? Can I leave early? 

    No prob, Bob! Our hope is for you to come play with us from start to finish - and once you’re here, we’re certain you’ll want to soak up every last minute - but hey, it’s summer camp for grown-ups, and grown-ups have responsibilities.

    If you need to join the fun a little late, or sneak out a little early, please be sure to let us know so we can have one of our stellar camp counselors make sure you’re taken care of!

    Contact to make arrangements for shorter stays!

  • When does Connection Camp end? 

    All good things must come to an end, including Connection Camp. Camp concludes on Sunday, June 16th at 5 pm.

  • What's included in registration?

    Your Connection Camp registration includes all meals and snacks, accommodations, all camp programming, mini-sessions with our on-site healers and experts, night-time entertainment, and camp swag!

    Transportation, rented bedding, full treatments with our healers and wellness experts are available at additional cost.

  • Are payment plans available?

    Yes! Campers may pay in full at the time of registration, or pay in two installments with a 50% deposit at the time of registration.

  • What's the food situation like at camp? 

    Vegetarian, vegan & gluten-free options are available. Please let us know during registration if you have any special dietary considerations or food allergies!

  • What are the accommodation options?

    Connection Camp offers several accommodation options. Bring your own tent and sleep under the stars, or make some new buddies with the classic summer camp-style bunk option, which sleeps 10-16 campers and has showers and bathrooms. Additionally, a limited number of semi-private rooms and private Queen bedrooms will be available.

    For further details, please visit our What's Included page.

  • Can I stay with my friends?

    Heck, yeah! In fact, we want you to share every single awesome human being you know with us and your fellow campers! When you complete your camp registration, let us know who you’d like to bunk with on your camp registration form and we will do our very best to make it happen!

  • Can I stay in a bunk with my partner or significant other?

    As with friends, we’re happy to try to bunk you up with your favorite people when you make the request on your registration form. But here’s the thing… The bunk beds are not wide. And bunk cabins are shared space. So, if getting cozy with your honey is part of how you imagine your Connection Camp weekend, we highly recommend you register early to snag private sleeping quarters.

  • Should I bring bedding and towels?

    Linen rentals are an available add-on option with camper registration up to two weeks prior to the event. If you are registering after the two week cut-off, or did not select the linen rental add-on option during your registration, you will need to bring your own bed linens and pillow. All campers should bring their own towels.

  • What else do I need to bring?

    Aside from an awesome attitude and your sense of play and openness? We will email you a packing list before the start of camp!

  • How do I get to camp?


    Camp Louemma
    43 Louemma Lane
    Sussex, NJ 07461

    Public Transportation Info & Driving Directions

    Check out the Location page for information on public transportation options and driving directions.

  • Where is the nearest airport?

    Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR) is the nearest major airport to Camp Louemma, approximately 75 minutes away.

  • Is there parking?

    Yup, there’s parking on site. Unless your ride is a Transformer. Or a unicorn. We cannot accommodate Transformers or unicorns. Sadly.

  • Are there carpooling/rideshare options?

    Yes! We ask everyone to let us know if they have any extra seats in their vehicle or would like to carpool to camp during the registration process in order to help campers get to camp and save on gas!

    If we have enough of an interest we may even rent a bus from NYC! If this interests you please make sure to let us know on your camp registration form!

  • What kind of technology can I bring into camp? Is there WIFI or cellphone service?

    We truly, madly, deeply, profoundly, earnestly recommend leaving your new-fangled technological contraptions at home. Instagram will be there for you come Monday, June 18th, but you’ve only got this one long weekend to bask in the societally undervalued awesomeness of shared face-to-face connection. We’d love to see you ditch the screens, let your inner little kid out for a tumble in the grass, and play with your fabulous campmates.

    But, alas. We again recognize that at a summer camp for grown-ups, there may be some grown-up matters to attend to. For those that must access the interwebz, WIFI will be available. Cell phone service should be good for most carriers.

  • What kind of weather can I expect? What happens if it rains?

    Ye Olde Farmer’s Almanac lists an average high of 77 degrees and average low of 54 degrees for mid-June. So, come prepared with layers, and/or find a cute snuggle buddy for the evenings.

    If it rains, we’ll do all the same awesome stuff we were planning to do, only while water falls from the sky. We’ll have plenty of shelter to accommodate camp activities and workshops should inclement weather strike.

  • What about safety at the lake and pool?

    The swimming pool is open for swimming and the lake is open for canoeing, kayaking and other water sports during designated hours while lifeguards are on duty.

  • What if there is an emergency back home and someone needs to reach me?

    Given that cell service may be spotty at our lakeside camp abode, if your loved ones can’t reach you, they will be able to call our venue's landline in order to get in touch. This information will be provided as camp approaches.

  • Can I bring my children to camp? 

    You love your kids. We love your kids. And we love how much you love your kids. But we’ll get the best opportunity for the richest community experience possible when we can each invest our full selves in the culture of connection, play, and communication. Reach out to your favorite sitter, leave some gluten-free organic mac and cheese in the fridge for the kiddos, and come escape to Connection Camp.

  • Can I bring my dog or other pet?

    We love furry (and feathered… and scaly… ) friends, but unfortunately, you can’t bring them to camp. They don’t make very good teammates in a sack race, anyway.

  • Is there going to be alcohol? What's the policy on drugs? 

    Nope. Connection Camp, like old school summer camp, is an alcohol-free zone. This of course extends to all illicit substances as well.

  • Can I smoke cigarettes at camp?

    There will be a designated smoking area so that all campers’ preferences around smoking can be respected.

  • Do I need a certain level of physical fitness to participate at camp? 

    Not at all. While some activities will be more physically-oriented than others - for example, partner yoga is going to pose a bit more demand on the old bod than our letter-writing workshop - we’ll have a little something for everyone, and will work to make all activities accessible to the full range of participants. Ultimately, everything at Connection Camp is about letting loose and having fun, so whether you were the captain of the varsity football team or dreaded dodgeball in middle school gym class, the playing field is level here. We encourage you to go for the activities that sound the most enticing to you, while participating at a level that feels appropriate for your personal health and fitness.

  • Is my registration transferable? Is it refundable?

    Although we’ll be super bummed if your plans change and you can’t make it, your registration is transferable for a $40 processing fee. Registrations are not refundable.

  • Do you need volunteers? 

    Yes! If you’ve got killer skills and camp spirit to spare, we’d love to hear from you! Please don’t hesitate to contact us at and let us know what you have to offer!

    We are still looking for help in the following arenas:
    on-site operations
    film editing
    public relations/press
    social media/bloggers

  • What’s this I hear about healers at camp? 

    Long, hard day of relational meditation and splish-splashing in the sun-sprinkled lake? Why not round it out with a massage? :)

    But seriously...

    Connection Camp is not only about connecting with others, but also about connecting deeply with yourself. That’s why we’ve invited our favorite experts and colleagues in health and wellness, energy work, coaching, and more to join us at camp and make themselves available to you for complimentary consultations and on-site bookings.

    Are you a fantastically mindful service provider? Interested in providing your expertise at camp and expanding your reach?

    Email with why you think you would be a good fit for camp!

  • Who’s behind all this Connection Camp monkey business, anyway?

    Connection Camp is the brainchild and labor of love of Amy Silverman, Founder and Lead Facilitator of The Connection Movement.

    Read more information about Amy and The Connection Movement here.

  • What if I get hurt at camp?

    We’ll have basic first aid supplies and a nurse practitioner on site. Should any injury or health concern which requires more than a band-aid or an ice pack arise, the matter will be referred off site to the appropriate medical facility.

  • Can I lead a workshop?

    Maybe! There are two possibilities to lead an event or activity at camp. If you’re a professional teacher or workshop facilitator and have an offering that would go hand in hand with the Connection Camp ethos, reach out to us at and let us know!

  • Can I carelessly leave my trash all over the campgrounds and generally leave the earth and facilities in worse condition than when I arrived?

    Negatory. Connection Camp espouses Leave No Trace values; we ask that you plan ahead when you pack so that you bring as little waste as possible, respect local wildlife and the grounds, and generally be considerate of yourself and your environment. (We see that pinecone in your backpack. Please don’t smuggle nature back to your city!)