For four days, we invite you to come as you are – let go of the pursuit & the striving that can pull you away from your true vibrancy and sense of freedom. We’ll provide daily activities including: workshops like yoga & writing, morning practices like meditation & breathwork, evening events like camp fires & singalongs. The campgrounds also include kayaks and canoes.


Unplug from your routine, from technology, and from the concrete jungle to experience a combo of nature, pure PLAY, new friends, personal exploration, epic adventures, and heart-expanding magic. REVIVE your connection to yourself and the world around you. IMMERSE yourself in experiences that will ENGAGE your heart, soul, senses, body, and mind.


At Connection Camp, we’re all about fostering connection on a deep, earnest level – beyond schmoozing and networking, beyond “friending” and “liking,” beyond titles and status, beyond small talk and social masks. We’re talking about connection that’s HEART-TO-HEART, HAND-TO-HAND, SOUL-TO-SOUL, SMILE-TO-SMILE, and EYE-TO-EYE.


We invite you to COME AS YOU ARE – let go of the pursuit & the striving that can pull you away from your true VIBRANCY and sense of FREEDOM. We welcome you back to yourself… back to your soul, your wonder and playfulness, your sensitivity, your health, your vitality, your spirit. At Connection Camp, you’ll indulge in nature’s gifts, delicious food, amazing people, inspiring workshops, and unabashed play.

I feel revived, renewed, affirmed, accepted, seen.
— 2016 camper
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