healing pavilion

Healing Pavillion

Connection Camp’s Healing Pavilion will provide an oasis for self-care within your larger camp experience. We will be hosting several health and wellness professionals on site to provide complimentary mini-consultations and allow you to explore new modalities for supporting your wellbeing. Many practitioners will also be providing full services on site, if you wish to book a session during your stay at an additional cost.

Please note that schedules and rates for full service sessions, both on-site and for future appointments, are determined by the individual practitioners.



++ Note that 2018 offerings will be updated this Spring++

begin your Book

Have you ever felt like you have a story the world needs to hear? Dive in with Jen Lee to creatively explore your unique story and voice. Maybe writing a book is right for you.


Aquatic bodywork

Experience complete surrender & release with Rachel Santos. This sacred, water-based healing modality recreates embryonic-like experiences which can be deeply cathartic, blissful reminders of pre-birth states of being.


Thai Massage

Often referred to as "Lazy yoga," Thai Massage is a fully clothed massage modality that utilizes joint mobilization and compression. Enjoy 20 minute spot treatments by Sky Yeater with opportunity for more.

Energy Healing Sessions: VibroAcoustic and Biofield Tuning

A massage from the inside out. A tune up, and a way to connect with the energetic being that you are. Experience your body healing itself with Lara Skadsen and the sound frequencies that penetrate every cell, organ, muscle, tendon and biomagnetic photons in your energy field. You will feel light, energized, free and ready to flow with more ease. Blocks and restrictions from life experiences will diminish enabling you to be at your best.

Your Unique song

Creativity, although it can come from various parts of our being, deals mainly with the second chakra (energy center) in the body which is deeply connected to relationships and sexuality. As we create and record our creations, we unlock, heal and strengthen these parts of ourselves.  Join Srikala in a one-on-one grounding exploration of language, music and recording which can lead to deeper relationships and wider connections.

Vocal Empowerment

Have a small taste of a 1:1 Vocal Empowerment session with Malia Kulp. Want to shift your relationship with your voice? Speak your truth? Open your Throat Chakra? Sing and perform? Chant Or develop your spiritual practice? What does Vocal Empowerment mean to you? Lets connect! <3