Here are the workshops that we had at Connection Camp in 2018. Please return to this page at the beginning of May 2019 to see an updated list for Connection Camp 2019!


Connection Camp brings you a stellar team of teachers to support and guide you in deep play, exploration, and expansion. Each day will offer two to four workshop slots with multiple selections at each time, so you’re sure to find options that speak to your heart.


2018 workshops



Feel full in the corridors of yourself and open your sense perception doors with Jordan Collins. With paper and pen, find You in this moment. We'll talk then write - write a love poem, vent, doodle, release your depths.


creative writing

Material: paper, pencil. Fuel: life's journey, the now. Vehicle: imagination, hands. Product: up to you, but possibly - poetry, window into a new world, new dimension of this world we sit in together.

 Facilitated by Jordan Collins.


sketchbook building

This workshop will focus constructing a sketchbook as well as teaching techniques on how to use a sketchbook as a means of communication with ones self. Facilitated by Rachel Clark. 


Morning Sun Yoga

Get your stretch on at this class with Jeska Brodbeck that will leave you energized yet calm and ready to take on a full day of fun!


Healing Art of Touch

Align our energy by simply placing our hands on different energy point along the body. Utilizing the Japanese art of Jin Shin Jyutsu. Accessible any time of day even when having a conversation. Facilitated by Vinny Bonanno.

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Stretching In Public Yoga

Together you will learn techniques for tuning your "instruments" with Vinny Bonanno: lubing the body and focusing the mind. Developing stamina and strength to understand our bodies and socialize confidently. Inspiring ourselves. Inspiring the world! 

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Laughter Yoga

Breathing, laughing, connecting with one’s own laughter, and bonding through our each other’s laughter and innate humanity. It’s not like regular yoga, so no regular or fancy yoga poses required. Led by Jason Jedrusiak.

morning heartspace

In this morning experience with Kelly Keefe, we will learn ways to live out of our heads and live from our hearts. Includes the medicine of cacao, meditation, reiki, and community.


the luscious let go

The Luscious Let Go with Trinity Schmidt combines Transformational Dance with platonic, nurturing Healing Touch to support the experience of Lusciously Letting Go.


Beginner Burlesque (women only)

This beginner workshop with Enchantress Shane Kulman is perfect women of all ages, all sizes, shapes, and experiences of dance are welcome. This space is a safe haven to celebrate and promote self-love.

body party!

This Zouk Dance workshop with Marc Brewer will explore the intersection of connection and improvisation through dance. When called to improvise, ego, self-consciousness, boredom, unnecessary censorship, and fear can all limit our possible choices by making our attitude and therefore our movement/connection either rigid or chaotic. Exercises and concepts covered will include Contact Improvisation, Body Mechanics, and Shaping.

Make it matter

When you describe an emotional encounter, you say you were moved. During this workshop with Marc Brewer you will examine internal "movement" (emotions) that prepare us for our outward movement. Focus. Experience. Feel.

Emotion isn’t a disembodied intellectual idea, it’s a felt sense. Here we will explore the convergence of music, emotions, and partnering.


Lead and Follow Technique

The goal of this class with Marc Brewer is to facilitate clear and seamless social dancing with a variety of dance partners. This class will have its foundations in anatomy, imagery, physics, and culture.

Leaders will learn how to guide the couple and initiate transitions into steps and figures. Followers will learn how to respond to this intention while using the appropriate connection and timing.

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The third church of comedy

When you can laugh at it, it doesn't own you anymore... This humorous group ritual with Barbara Ann Michaels is a non-denominational parody of spiritual services which supports you in finding the funny in what used to plague you.


Clowning for Self-Care and All-Care

What's it like to put on a red nose and act really silly like even sillier and more compassionate than you already are? Come find out with Jason Jedrusiak! Release your inner clown joy to yourself and each other.


Sing for the F*cking Fun of It

Why not get together and sing your heart out with Oliver Houser? We'll play singing games and harmonize on some of our favorite tunes. All voices and instruments are welcome!  No tune-carrying ability required.


Let's make a musical!

Together, with Oliver Houser, we will devise, cast and rehearse a ten-minute musical on the spot and perform it at the camp talent show. This is our time to shine. Let’s make the next Hamilton, y’all.  No experience or tune-carrying ability required.

Playful Embodiment Performance Art for Non-Performers

At Uniquelyu Coaching we Believe in the healing power of art and expression. Come explore transforming your darkness/shadow into a performance art or come to explore sharing your weirdest side with Alison LeBrun.

This workshop is about people creatively sharing their truth to an audience that has been prepped to hold sacred space. Past participants have shared after the workshop they felt deeply connected to themselves, and to the other participants.


Sharing Stories, Moving Stories - Connection through Listening and Improv Theater

Come share, listen, learn, move, and be heard though an amazing kind of improv theater with Jason Jedrusiak. We will play and listen with word language, made-up language, and body language. No improv experience required.


Simple acroyoga and thai massage

Communication! that's the name of the game in partner and acroyoga. Taking control and letting go, let's enjoy the mind space of balance. You will explore a variety of partner and acro-yoga poses with Jason Jedrusiak and Erin McIntosh that can be done safely and simply in small groups. Deepening our communication skills, this class will also explore touch using Thai Massage.


Performing Authentically

With Jessica Sue Burstein, we will create improvisational group performances using sound, movement, writing & drawing.  We will use the Tamalpa Life Art Process as a roadmap to explore together.

This performance can be shared at the open mic.


Voice Your Desire

Through the Tamalpa Life Art Process, we dive deep into the subconscious desires of our voices through sound, movement, writing and drawing.  Jessica Sue Burstein will be our guide.

We will have the option to further share our drawing, writing and movement later in the cafe.


Neshama Dance

A morning dance practice of gratitude, praise, delight and prayer! Based on the five levels of soul in Kabbalah, using liturgical and medicine music from many traditions ranging from Hebrew to Hindu.

Gratitude is the Medicine

An embodied, experiential, text-based vision of our morning meditation based on applied Kabbalistic wisdom. We'll explore the mission statement that sets the tone for our day based on gratitude.

The Book of Yetzirah: Creating by Sound

Embodied chanting, breath, movement and meditation practices based on the oldest sacred text of Kabbalah.

Facilitated by Rishe Groner.

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Thank G-d Intimacy Isn't Personal

What arises when you hear those words? Together with Elisa Blynn, we’ll undress how we relate to ourselves, our bodies, breath, sensations and pleasure; and discover the bounty of empathy and affection in all of us.

Pleasure states are vulnerable states and any touch can be ritualized into a gateway for communion, self discovery, and transformation. In this workshop, we will do some talking about Tantra, sharing, partnered exercises, and creative processing. When we untether our pleasure from social relationship constructs, what is left but our shared vulnerability, our desire to love and be loved, and the wisdom of the cosmos from which we are all inextricable!


PowER and SEXUAL Polarities IN Intimate Connections

Our intimacy with other people can take an exciting turn or simply expand through the roles that Dominant and Submissive archetypes offer. Come to discover, give, receive and get closer, sexy, and spicy with Maybel Ovalles



Come and enjoy the sensual pleasures that this beloved land offers you with Maybel Ovalles. Let yourself immerse in the voluptuousness, devotion, and attention with which lovers treat each other


Lead with your heart


Are you ready to discover what brings you true joy? Follow your passion, get out of your head and listen to your intuition, spirit and soul with Lenore Kantor.


By connecting with your body's wisdom through body-based exercises, you will dive into your core to connect more fully with your heart. Individual and group exercises will help you gain more clarity on what moves you and get more guidance on where you need to go next in your life.


land art hike

Come build a land art sculpture with Rachel Clark! We will be going on a hike in which we will be collecting "building materials." With the items we collect we will create a temporary site specific sculpture.


flags for a new world

Talk about intention and how it can change our reality with Aurora Olam. You'll paint some rocks to build a common flag all together, and set your intentions on stone.


Inner Technology

Identify your heart print and how it can serve you in this workshop with  Aurora Olam. At the end you will be paired with one of the Flags for a New World that best embody your result to remind you of your intention.

Human Being

Join Maybel Ovalles and Anthony Lione to explore your natural state, letting go of your clothes, releasing shame, surfacing what is your pure, natural you. Be witnessed and loved as you are in bodied and verbal intimacy experiences, unpacking the benefits of shared nudity. Human being.


NeuroScience of Mindfulness Walking Hike

Discover the essence of mindfulness through a deeply interactive experience with David Rock. Through walking in the woods, learning, observing and discussion you'll have a new depth of understanding of mindfulness and a deeper ability to activate this day to day.


NeuroScience of Connection and Community

Discover the deeper science of why we do what we do with David Rock. What drives us to want to be part of communities? Why do we act the way we do in social situations? Discover how the brain relates to those around us in this interactive experience.


Confronting inequity, inequality, pain, and your personal privilege

How do you feel when being called out about your privilege? In today's climate, are you hiding? You will explore how we receive, communicate, and confront one another through inequity and privilege. Join Jenn Louie to engage and discuss


Into the Mastermind

Engage in the power of collaboration.

Facilitated by seasoned entrepreneur, Marc Shumsker, come propose a personal or professional idea or challenge to be one of the several topics we explore.


See And Be Seen

In this workshop with Heather Manwaring we will explore what it takes to see ourselves more clearly and dive deeper into what makes us who we are through the lens of relational meditation, visualization, and photography.


Public Speaking for Visionaries

Create a movement with your words. Create new neural pathways to find comfort and connection in front of a room. Get into your body and out of your head, and find warm-ups that work for you!  With Marcy Clark

Vocal Yoga

This freeing voice experience invites you to clear stuck vocal patterns and learn a radical self-care practice that honors your emotional life. Self-massage, vocal warm ups & more! with Marcy Clark



Flocking is an improvisational dance technique. While using staffs for emphasis, we will practice establishing and surrendering leadership, reading each other's body signals, and physical movement creativity to create a collaborative dance with Wolf Bukiet.


Cuddles and Consent

Play the Wheel of Consent, build the rainbow bridge from concepts of "consent", into full embodiment and expression. Get keys to experience touch (and life!) on "maximum-high-level-pleasure setting" with Rachel Santos.


All Senses Delight

A playful puja for your every sense to be delighted. This is a sensory journey, with an exquisite array of tantalizing treats, intoxicating aromas, sacred soundscapes, tingles, tickles and more ... facilitated by Rachel Santos.