2018 dream team


Amy Silverman

Founder & Camp Director

Amy is committed to bringing people together through play, connection, self-expression and creativity. Her passion for igniting human connection led her to build and facilitate The Connection Movement, a community that comes together and dives into self-discovery, transformation and deep, earnest connection through events, workshops, coaching programs, social experiments and retreats. She has initiated the launch of sister communities to the Connection Movement in Miami, Johannesburg, Cape Town, and Charleston.

Amy is also founder and director of Connection Camp and has an extensive background in arts education, performing, entrepreneurship and operations.  

Learn more about her in this video.


Amanda Espiritu


Never one to stay within the lines, Amanda embraces drawing, painting and storytelling as a means of self-expression. She began crafting her own spoken word poems shortly after high school and has been slamming ever since.

Amanda grew up between LA, Manila, SF, and London and currently works as a marketing/ad strategy consultant and an event producer in NYC. She is a founding member of the global artist collective and non-profit Stageless Arts and its main bi-weekly event series Open Brain: NYC. Amanda loves to MC shows for a global community of music addicts at Sofar Sounds and share her passion for traveling and people in her art, photography, videos, and short stories. For more info visit her website at www.amandakespiritu.com and follow her @mandaspiri2!


Aweli Juls

COnscious Marketing

Aweli Juls is an intuitive guide, spiritual teacher, grid worker and sacred space facilitator. Through her connection with Mother Earth, Higher Self, Great Spirit and team of Mission Support, she is able to create a safe container to allow the unraveling of our radical curiosity and authenticity. Her mission is to assist in the ascension process at this time. While NYC is home base, she has lead a nomadic lifestyle since 2015, sharing healing work in her journeys. Aweli Juls shares the gift of the voice and facilitates spaces to activate the throat through the 3 chakra system. 

In addition to sharing her creative skills as CC's Head of Marketing, she will also be offering SoundScapes Journeys -  Sound Transmissions during the 4 days of camp!

Connect with Aweli here.

Instagram: @mysticmagicmama

FB: www.facebook.com/mysticmagicmama

vinny bonanno


Sharing the transformative powers of Yoga, Vinny Bonanno went from a shy closeted boy letting other people make his decision, to a man who manifests health and strength in his self, his communities, and the world! As a Yoga Teacher & Holistic Health Coach, he helps people hear their authentic voices through movement, breath work, talking, and writing. You can usually find Vinny cooking, writing, dancing, and stretching in public. Follow him on Instagram @stretchinginpublic


Asha Schoessow

Camp Enrollment coordinator

Bio Coming Soon...


JOrdan Collins

Communications and Outreach

Native to the soils of New Jersey, Jordan is a recent transplant to NYC. Among her growth cycles she has found much sunlight and nutrient studying Religion, Philosophy and the Environment in Vermont, as a pastry chef in Colorado, and backpacking in Israel.  She felt right at home when she first attended Circling last summer, and also feels at home in meditation, dancing around, blending things with her NutriBullet, watching TED talks (her current place of employment), being incredibly silly, and digging around in the rich earth of a conversation. Stay tuned as she wends toward some version of a career.


Sarah Monette

DJ Journey Weaver

Inspired by a love of dance and connection, Journey moves your spirit and form through space with the push of beats and the invitation of melody. From organic world beats to ambient chill, deep house to global base... each set is nourishingly familiar yet cravingly unique. Founder of Nexus Ecstatic Dance Amherst and Co-founder of I-Opener Dance Boston, she also works with Mandala Dance, Ecstatic Dance NYC, Dance New England, and several festival organizations around the world. 

Journey’s other projects include Nexus Expressions .. a multilayer collective that designs, facilitates, promotes and manages dance events, instructors, transformational retreats, DJs, and workshops … and Synthesis - Authentic Relating which guides connective group experiences through interactive games and movement.  

She plays for ecstatic dances, contact improv jams, music & art festivals, guided journeys, yoga workshops, Daybreaker, and more... providing a range of experiences from warm up morning flow to high-vibe midnight peak. She loves traveling and adores taking dancers on a wave of creative expression and connective discovery!


Learn more at www.djjourneyweaver.com

Listen to some of her sets at www.mixcloud.com/journeyweaver/

Follow her adventures on www.facebook.com/djjourneyweaver/


JJ Kovacevich

2016 Camp Co-Founder

JJ Kovacevich has over a decade of professional experience in the performing arts and in the health and wellness industry (the latter, as a yoga instructor and mindful personal trainer). Kovacevich also has extensive experience in the nonprofit sector, in arts management, and small businesses, as a production coordinator and administrator.