2017 dream team


Amy Silverman

Founder & Camp Director

Amy is committed to bringing people together through play, connection, self-expression and creativity. Her passion for igniting human connection led her to build and facilitate The Connection Movement, a community that comes together and dives into self-discovery, transformation and deep, earnest connection through events, workshops, coaching programs, social experiments and retreats.  She has initiated the launch of sister communities in Miami, Johannesburg, Cape Town, and Charleston.  Amy has a background in arts education, performing, entrepreneurship and operations.  Learn more about her in this video.


Susanna Choe

website & Production

Susanna is a first generation Korean-American, born and raised in NY. Between studying International Affairs at CU Boulder, living in Nepal and now Brooklyn, her passion has been to bridge cultural differences and connect the world. Before camp, her previous endeavors included operations at a blockchain start-up, education through media, community development, disseminating independent news and experimenting with various roles within the hospitality industry. Currently, she co-creates a monthly event series called Alchemy of Connection to bring like-minded people together and recently co-founded a peace activist organization called Peace Accelerators.

Rachel Santos Headshot.jpg

Rachel Santos


Rachel Santos is the founder and chief joy-maker of Heart-On. Her work is deeply inspired and guided by the 5 Elements, which are the foundation of Tantra, Healing Tao, Shamanic and other traditions informed by Nature. Rachel is a practitioner of Aquatic Bodywork, along with a huge range of healing modalities. Heart-On weaves the wisdom of ancient wellness embodiment practices with playful creative expression, artivism, and joy.  Find out more ways to activate your Heart-On here - www.hearton.life

vinny bonanno


Sharing the transformative powers of Yoga, Vinny Bonanno went from a shy closeted boy letting other people make his decision, to a man who manifests health and strength in his self, his communities, and the world! As a Yoga Teacher & Holistic Health Coach, he helps people hear their authentic voices through movement, breath work, talking, and writing. You can usually find Vinny cooking, writing, dancing, and stretching in public. Follow him on Instagram @stretchinginpublic

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michelle joni lapidos


Michelle Joni is your spirit animal. She hurls you out of your comfort zone, into a more comfortable one. She massages your imagination and helps you feel liberated, while tapping into your inherent greatness. The Brooklyn based performance artist, healer and funtrepreneur leads play-movements such as Skipping Club and Preschool Mastermind, and is a sleepaway camp girl at heart, 11 years strong.

Amelia Broughton.jpg

Amelia Broughton

Social Media

Amelia Broughton’s journey has been a constant exploration of what it means to connect and be present with self, other, and the land.  A part of many diverse communities, Amelia recognizes that every person has something beautiful to offer the world and is inspired to help others rise to their highest potential through passion, creativity, and communication. Follow her world on Instagram! @brought_on 

Christopher Salata

Christopher Salata

branding consultant 

Christopher Salata describes himself as a meliorist and is the founder (prefers the word "Launcher") of the new american peace movement, rapidly growing activist's community, and organization headquartered in NYC called the "Peace Accelerators." Christopher believes peace is the foremost solution to climate change and our environmental crisis.


JJ Kovacevich

2016 Camp Co-Founder

JJ Kovacevich has over a decade of professional experience in the performing arts and in the health and wellness industry (the latter, as a yoga instructor and mindful personal trainer). Kovacevich also has extensive experience in the nonprofit sector, in arts management, and small businesses, as a production coordinator and administrator.