Connection Camp brings you a stellar team of teachers to support and guide you in deep play, exploration, and expansion. Each day will offer two to four workshop slots with multiple selections at each time, so you’re sure to find options that speak to your heart.

**the program listed below is from 2017, our 2018 program will be released this Spring**

2017 Morning Practices


In this morning meditative writing workshop with Jen Lee, you will greet the new day through a guided meditation where you will connect more deeply with yourself and your truest desires.


Imagination, meditation and hope

In this session with Futurist and Peace Accelerator Christopher Salata we will learn the importance of our imagination, meditation, and hope to use our minds most effectively and how we can help co-create a future we all believe in.

Yoga and breathwork

Start your morning grounded and in touch with yourself. Hear your authentic voices through movement, meditation, and breath-work. Led by Vinny Bonanno.

Uncover Your True Self.PNG

uncover your true self

Discover the deeper truth about how you are seen and perceived to inform how you connect with others. Step into your potential with Lenore Kantor, a leadership coach and personal and professional branding expert.

2017Daytime workshops


dance of life

Engage with the inevitable changes in life with movement and dance. Tap into your self expression and have fun collaborating with Susanna Choe to co-create a dance of life.

Uncover your true self.PNG


Circling is a fresh way to develop presence and richer connections with those around you. It provides a doorway into flow experiences & breathes life into often vague spiritual concepts & ideas. Facilitated by Amy Silverman

Give and Receive.PNG

Give and receive fully

Play a fun game that teaches the art of asking for what you want, fully receiving it, and exploring your edges of taking action and being receptive, all in a safe space led by Valerie Greene.


shamanic journey: Find your spirit animal

Shamanic Journey led by Vinny Bonanno to find our spirit animals. Connecting with our inner intuition and clairvoyance.

Happy mail: writing cards for a cause

Card making session to bring joy to children with cancer. Creating to bring others hope and support in difficult times.


all senses delight

A playful puja with Rachel Santos. Delights for all 5 senses - tantalizing treats, intoxicating aromas, sublime soundscapes, tingles. Re-sensitizes and expands our innate capacities for sensory pleasure.

Rachel Santos - 5 elements.jpg

5 elements massage

Explore the beautiful language of touch with Rachel Santos using 5 types of massage, based on the elements: Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Ether. This classical Tantric practice embodies the full spectrum of matter to spirit.

Connection through Improv.PNG

Connection through improv

Form a playful yet introspective community through improv theater/movement games and activities with Jason Jedrusiak.


acro yoga jam

This AcroYoga is open-level for everyone. Explore a mix of partner stretching, balancing poses, beginner interactive acrobatics and yoga play with Yolanda Navarro and Liza Pullman. Cultivate trust, connection, awareness  and have fun!


Free your freestyle

Through our connection of voice and movement with splashes of the ancient form of qigong, Srikala will guide you to awaken the essence of every art form. Learn principles that can assist you to remove blockages in every expression. To let your creativity, ideas and imagination flow free in a way that inspires and empowers.

Malia Kulp-EHoMaiKehena2.jpg

vocal alchemy playshop

A participatory musical experience with Malia Kulp using voice, rhythm, and movement to connect with self and others, becoming one voice and one body.


Mandala making

Using gifts of Mother Nature, we will create life-size Mandalas; the symbol of wholeness, harmony and connection. The collective wisdom will be heightened by a guided visualization with Sacred Geometry. These creations allow for deep healing within the individual and collective psyche. With Liza Pullman and Yolanda Navarro.

Cock Project.PNG

the Cock Project: Unzipping The Male Heart

Men, you are invited to share about your sexuality and genitals, both growing up and now. Women and people across the gender spectrum are invited to compassionately witness. Facilitated by Hazel Grace Yates


The Pussy Project: unzipping the female heart

Women, you are invited to share about your personal experiences around sexuality and your genitals. Men and people across the gender spectrum are invited to compassionately listen. Facilitated by Hazel Grace Yates

Cuddle Puddle

Cuddle Puddle

Join Valerie Greene as you refine consent and communication skills and enjoy cuddles! This transformational workshop gives us tools to operate at "max-high-level-pleasure factor" in life, builds comfort and fluency in asking for what we desire.